Kazoku win clutch of medals at JKA WF English Championships


L Turney – Gold, individual kata
D Barna – Gold, individual kata
E Lewis – Gold, individual kata
H Mercer – Gold, individual kata
B Starsmore – Gold, individual kata
D Hughes – Gold, individual kata
A Bugby – Silver, individual kata
F Pinkney – Silver, individual kata
A Wright – Bronze, individual kata
P Prins – Bronze, individual kata
J Garlick – Bronze, individual kata

D Barna – Gold, individual kumite
E Lewis – Gold, individual kumite
D Hughes – Gold, individual kumite
K Gnennaja – Silver, individual kumite
F Pinkney – Silver, individual kumite
A Bugby – Bronze, individual kumite
P Prins – Bronze, individual kumite

Starsmore, Turney – Gold, team kumite
Barna, Prins – Gold, team kumite
Whiteman, Wright – Silver, team kumite
Gnennijs, Garlick, Taylor – Bronze, team kumite

Our most junior competitors experienced their first ‘away’ competition. All gave it their best and can be proud of themselves.

There was no team kata at this event, but paired team kumite instead. Once Prins and Barna got the idea they pulled together a winning performance, although it wasn’t as easy as it looked and not all our teams remembered their moves.

In individual kata quite a few fell at the technical nature of the judging. We’ve got homework, but we still got some great medals.

Lewis and Hughes, always mindful of each other’s achievements, both delivered winning Mawashi Geris and took two Golds apiece in kata and kumite. Impressive pocket rocket, Barna, won three Golds.

The afternoon brought in our adult competitors. There was strong opposition with large categories and multiple rounds. For the women, last girl standing, Mercer delivered a masterclass of kata with Gojushiho Sho. The runner-up paired with Gojushiho Dai.

On the men’s side, Garlick went head-to-head with our very own Binder. Binder bravely contested four rounds with a very painful knee eventually losing out to Garlick.

The afternoon closed out with a first-time kumite team in Gnennijs, Garlick and Taylor bringing back a bronze after a gutsy finishing performance by Garlick.